Matthew is a Dora nominated actor and a graduate of the joint acting conservatory program between Sheridan College and the University of Toronto.

Coach Matthew Harrison has described Matthew as "a good-looking, affable, dedicated actor, with immense cast-ability. His story analysis reeks of an intelligent approach to his work, and his moments within a scene are symphonic. There is no ounce of fabrication in his acting."

Matthew is the intelligent young man who, deep down, just wants to be loved. A romantic dreamer who has to fight not to be trampled on. The fresh-faced doctor who knows more than he gives himself credit for. The rookie cop who is in way over his head, who aced all the tests but has no idea what he’s doing in the field. The lovable tech geek.

Matthew recently appeared in two plays at the Blyth Festival: The New Canadian Curling Club and 1837: The Farmers' Revolt.
The New Canadian Curling Club was extended due to a sold-out run.

Matthew recently completed filming a supporting role for a docudrama series, 5000 Years of Heroes, and a short film opposite Grace Lynn Kung.
He has been featured in shows such as The StrainWorkin' MomsOdd Squad, and Mayday.

Matthew was nominated for a 2016 Dora Mavor Moore Award for Outstanding Performance as part of the ensemble of Banana Boys.
He was the recipient of a 2015 MyTheatre Award for Outstanding Ensemble for Banana Boys.


For Banana Boys:

"Gin has one of the toughest jobs, playing the author surrogate who grudgingly goes into medicine to keep his parents happy when he’d rather be an author. He looks like the preppiest of all the guys, but there’s some truly dark stuff bubbling underneath. He’s a multi-level performer."
- Richard Ouzounian, The Toronto Star

"As the writer hero, Gin does much of the dramatic heavy lifting in Act 2..." - Martin Morrow, The Globe and Mail

"The standout for me was Matthew Gin in the role of Michael Chao. He really humanized a somewhat cliché character: a child of immigrant parents torn between responsibly going to medical school or pursuing a dream of becoming a writer. Not only was I relating to the character because of similar lived experiences, but for the first time I actually empathized with Michael because Gin drew me into each beat of the character’s emotional arc with his mature, nuanced performance." - Wayne Leung, Mooney on Theatre

For One Good Marriage:

"Becky Shrimpton and Matthew Gin are absolute top-notch performers . . . The clarity and depth that these actors achieve in their storytelling are a true testament to their skill and talent as well-trained, polished actors." - Tracey Beltrano, Mooney on Theatre

"Becky Shrimpton and Matthew Gin’s performances are thoughtful and witty. They have the best chemistry of a staged married couple we’ve seen in a long time." - In The Greenroom

"Both Gin and Shrimpton are excellent – – Shrimpton naturally on-guard and quick to defend herself and her emotions, and Gin displaying a contrasting congeniality that melts convincingly into despair. The two are clearly immersed in the text, and have a natural back-and-forth..."
- My Entertainment World